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"Train up a child in the way he should go:" Proverbs 22:6a

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Enrollment Form for 2017 - 2018 School Year
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  20. (1) I understand that the school program is an integral part of child training of which I am expected to support.
  21. (2) I hereby commit to assume my Scriptural responsibility for financial support of the school.
  22. (3) I understand that my child is expected to take part in school activities, including P.E. and sponsored trips away from the educational facility, and I absolve the school from liability to me or my child because of injury to my child at properly supervised school activities.
  23. (4) I agree to uphold and support the high academic standards of the school by providing a place at home for my child to study and by encouraging my child in the completion of any homework or assignments.
  24. (5) I appreciate the standards of the school and will not tolerate profanity, obscenity in word or action, dishonor to the Godhead or the Word of God, or disrespect to the staff of the school. I hereby agree to support regulations published in the school handbook in the applicant’s behalf and authorize the school to employ discipline as it deems wise and expedient for the training of my child.
  25. (6) I understand that the school reserves the right, after a parental conference, to dismiss any child who fails to comply with established regulations and discipline or whose parents do not assume their responsibilities to the school.
  26. (7) I have read the school handbook, agreed to complete Parent Orientation, and understand and agree to the terms stated on this application.
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