Pleasant View Christian School

"Train up a child in the way he should go:" Proverbs 22:6a


Athletics are an integral part of a well-rounded education and a valuable component to help students make an impact for Christ.  The purpose of our athletic program is to foster physical development and athletic skills while teaching values of self-discipline, teamwork, servant leadership, commitment, Christ-like humility, hard work, and a desire to do one’s best.  Our teams participate in a way that honors God and conveys a positive witness to those around us.

At Pleasant View Christian School, we strive for excellence in all we do, including athletic endeavors; but, the win-loss record is not the primary measure of excellence.  Winning means more than outscoring the opponent.  It means doing everything in a way that honors the Lord and doing everything heartily, as unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23).  With the humility that comes through putting Christ first, we strive to win without arrogance, greed, or malice.  We can be gracious in defeat and modest in victory.  We can carry high our banner with dignity and honor.


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